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Stretch Ceiling Living Room
Stretch Ceiling Living Room
Sky Blue Stretch Ceiling Office
Gold Stretch Ceiling
Violate Stretch Ceiling
Hardwood Style Stretch Ceiling
Pool & TV Room with Stretch Ceiling
Living Room Stretch Ceiling
Pool & TV Stretch Ceiling
Stretch Ceiling Design Living Room

We provide 100s of colors to different styles. Which can be installed on the ceiling or the wall. 

- 100s of colors

- Custom colors

- Verity of Styles such as: matte, metallic, satin, lacquered, curved, glossy, etc.

Elegent Style

Stretch ceiling is reliable material; we provide a 10 year warranty  guarantee. 

It is also fire resistant and meets most of the standards. 

We make sure that the product we use is always high quality and environmentally friendly.


DOLA Design Group stretch celiling is a thin stretched out PVC/Fabric

layer that comes in variety of style and colors of perfectly flat layer. 

- .0007 inch thick

- Installation is fast and mess free.

- No maintenance needed

Magnifisent Material
Lasting Design
Why our Stretch Ceiling?


DOLA Design Group is a Denver based certified company, that provides complete installation of ceilings and wall decor. Our ceiling comes in 100's of verity of colors and textures from glossy to matte or a custom design. We provide a 10 year warranty for all colors and styles of new era stretch ceilings.

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